About Powerfully Mindful
And Awande Mabaso

Powerfully Mindful (previously known as Powerful Body & Mind) was originally created in 2018 by Awande Mabaso for women to find a safe space to discuss and learn more about mental health, body posivity, and to cope with life in this frantic world.  Powerfully Mindful has made even bigger shifts beyond its original subject matter, to creating impact in the lives of women. 


Powerfully Mindful aims to have all women find healing from trauma, release anxiety and overwhelm, and overcome depression through a number of modalities not limited to mindfulness practices, somatic experiencing, gentle trauma work, and intuitive spiritual work. It is a time now in our world when women are discovering their birthright to reclaim and own their authentic power.

Awande has traversed the journey to finding the power of her mind and body, and continues to walk that journey daily. Having faced trauma from a young age, and developing anxiety and depression- Awande wanted other women to be able to find support, compassion and healing in order to truly embody their best selves. 

Love and Light