About Powerfully Mindful
About Awande Mabaso

Powerfully Mindful (previously known as Powerful Body & Mind) was originally created in 2018 by Awande Mabaso for women to find a safe space to read blog posts about mental health, body positivity and to be able to cope with life in this frantic world.  Powerfully Mindful has now become much more; a shop with digital mindfulness products, coaching services, and not forgetting more blog posts to help, uplift and create mindful change.


Powerfully Mindful aims to have all women find the Clarity, Freedom and Calm within themselves that they need to live a much more fulfilled and mindful life. You are shown the tools to find power of your mind. 

Awande has traversed the journey to finding the power of her mind. Having faced trauma from a young age, bullying, anxiety and depression- Awande had felt like her mind was her own worst enemy. She felt like she was never good enough, not worthy of more and let her insecurities get in the way of living her life. After spending two weeks in a private clinic, she began to study Mindfulness and saw the benefits it had on her life and wanted to bring that to the lives of other women. Awande wanted Powerfully Mindful to show other women that you can find the POWERful tools in your mind, to ultimately get the freedom and calm in the everyday frantic world and in your life.

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