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Be Unf*ckwithable: Blurred Lines to Building Boundaries

In this 1:1 coaching program, you learn the importance of having boundaries, setting them, and putting yourself first in order to not just live a happier life, but have better relationships in your existence. 

This life altering course allows you to step into your power, and build the confidence and skills to create, set, and maintain boundaries in all aspects of your life- even with yourself. 

Illustrated Plant

"It is necessary and even vital to set standards for your life and the people you allow in it." Mandy Hale

Does this sound familiar at all?


The deep discomfort you feel when your boundaries are violated. The guilt that washes over you when you even think to say NO, or even think of not saying YES.


The familiar feeling of thinking "why do they keep doing this to me" and complaining quietly under your breath because it feels like your boundaries were yet again crossed.


The drained and exhausted sensation you get because you wish you would have just said no, prioritized your time/ money/ energy etc, and listened to yourself instead.

Find out more and empower yourself

Apply for a call or to chat via email, and you can start taking the steps towards empowerment, better mental and emotional wellbeing, and standing up firmly for yourself.

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