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Image by Saad Chaudhry


R.A.I.N. For Difficult Emotions

Learn to recognize and work through difficult emotions with our free R.A.I.N. Guide. Our guide provides the basic tools you need to start recognizing your emotions, and cultivates compassion towards yourself and your feelings. With key questions to help you work through difficult emotions, you'll learn to navigate them with ease. Download now and start your journey towards emotional well-being. Just click the image below.


Feelings Wheel

Confused about your emotions? Use the Feelings Wheel to accurately identify and work through them. Our free PNG download is a simple tool that will help you gain clarity on your emotional well-being. Download the Feelings Wheel today and take the first step towards learning and understanding your emotions. Just click the image below for instant download.

The Feelings Wheel.jpg

Block Breathing mp3 Audio

Ever been told to "just breathe" in a moment of panic, stress, or anxiety? But you don't know quite how to, how long to, or how to control your breathing enough to become calm. This simple audio can be played at any point you need to ground you, calm you, and release tension. 

Meditation mp3 Designs (5).png

Boundaries Guide

​Learn to set healthy boundaries with our free guide. Our Boundaries Guide offers a brief outline of what boundaries are, journal prompts for self-reflection, and practical tips on how to set boundaries and say no. Say goodbye to people-pleasing and hello to a more fulfilling life. Download now by clicking the image below.


The 7 Day Mindful Journal Guide

Kickstart your mindfulness journey with The 7 Day Mindfulness Journal by Powerfully Mindful. This free download offers guided journal prompts over a 7-day period, helping you dive into the world of journaling and mindfulness. Cultivate self-awareness, reduce stress, and find inner calm with our expertly crafted prompts. Click the image below to download.

7 Day Mindful Journal Guide.png
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