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Can't Meditate? Here Are Your Alternatives

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Meditation is not for everyone, and if you're part of that collective, here are some other ways to create calm for yourself, focus your mind, and be present in the moment.

The art of meditation is booming, with so many different ways to meditate to gain focus, achieve calm, and lower anxiety and depression.

Meditation has been marketed to everyone and has many positive long lasting effects. There is one problem though- it's not actually for everyone.

CPTSD can make it difficult for some people to find focus during meditation and the trauma needs addressing first. Many people simply don't like meditation at all, and even the thought of sitting still in silence for a moment sounds like torture for them. There are some other who haven't been properly guided on how to meditate and have generally have had troubles meditating, making them feel more stressed or anxious. Guided meditation, found here in the shop, could help the last group of people with learning how to start and maintain focus.

What other mindful activities are there that can help with anxiety, depression, regaining focus, and achieve calm?

  • Walking: The simple act of going outside, and walking has shown some amazing benefits with regards to stress reduction and cognitive abilities. You can try counting your steps, or just being present and checking in with your body and how it feels during your walk.

  • Breathing: Slow, deliberate, deep belly breathing has not only shown to have incredible effects on people's mental and emotional wellbeing, but the added benefits on physical health too. And since all people need to breathe to live, why not learn how to use breathing in an intentional way to ground yourself and your emotions?

  • Bird watching: No need to crack out the binoculars or a guide on the different species of birds. Just tuning into the sounds they make, the movement, and how they are acting in the moment you are watching. You get to zone out, while equally zoning in on the birds, and remaining present.

  • Gardening: The act of gardening requires patience, care and a degree of focus- making it a great alternative to meditation.

  • Colouring: The adult colouring books that became popular have been proven to greatly reduce anxiety and stress. With the focus used to colour mandalas, structures, and intricate designs, we block out distractions and feel calmer.

  • Tea drinking: Boiling the water, placing the tea in a cup, the patience while it's steeping, and drinking it slowly, enjoying the flavours can make tea drinking a good substitution to meditation. You are focused, engaged and patient. Try using loose-leaf tea, use your fingers to scoop it up, listen to the water boil, watch as the tea steeps. Sit somewhere quiet while you sip.

Don't see anything here that appeals to you? Let me know in the comments. there are more ways to achieve the same or similar benefits from meditation in different ways.

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