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Cheated On and Cheated Out

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Please read till the end.

So I was at the peak of my career. Traveling and meeting new people all the time when I met my then boyfriend. We were in the same industry but he did job where he travelled more than me.

Disclaimer: I lived in Cape Town and him in Johannesburg.

Fast forward I fall pregnant quickly and the pregnancy was lovely. after I gave birth to our daughter, it was going pretty well and I decided that to relocate to JHB. At this point I started job hunting and found employment in JHB servicing a major brand.

Come my day to relocate, it's all good until day 3 of me being in JHB. I find out my baby daddy has been cheating on me since day 1 with females across SA! Just days before our daughters 1st birthday.

At the same time, I discover my former-friend and housemate was just using me because I earned more than her and she was gossiping to all her people about me.

Also! My older sister dies because of birthing complications!

At this point, I'm shattered. I got to my then Managing Director and sit her down. I tell her that I just wanna make her aware that this is happening right now in my life and ontop of this, I'm struggling to climitize to JHB with my baby under 1yr old.

The MD says she understands and supports me.

A few months go by and I return to JHB from CT as I spent the Easter Weekend with my family. While driving to JHB I receive a WhatsApp saying that I have a meeting scheduled at the office after meeting my client and shooting with the CEO.

I get to the office after meeting with the client and I'm handed a Termination agreement. At this point the MD is sitting in Germany authorising my dismissal.

When I asked for the reason I was told "The MD felt I had to many personal issues and she can't deal with that".

Everyone at the office knew this was coming besides me. And she ordered the new Business Unit Director and HR to get rid of me because of my personal issues.

Mind you there was no qualms with the delivery. The client LOVED me. We're still friend to date. But she fired me because I was going through too much for her liking.