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Dismissed for Not Lying

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I worked at an organisation where I was in a supervisory position. The place was so toxic that people were resigning left, right and centre.

Nonetheless, my direct line manager decided it was time to get rid of me after I refused to side with her and fabricated stories against me using my medical history as well as other charges.

Needless to say, I was called into an impromptu meeting where I was told that they're considering suspending me. With this, I was given an opportunity to rebut any allegations against me. This was futile.

I was eventually suspended and within a week I was notified that I had to attend a hearing.

The person who chaired the Disciplinary Hearing was so bias that I was obviously dismissed. I took the org to the CCMA and won the case for unfair dismissal.

Moral of the story was I lost my job because I protected others. And the very people I protected didn't reach out to me. NOT EVEN ONCE!

Since then, they've been promoted at the org and I'm struggling to find employment.

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