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Hell On Earth

Updated: Apr 29

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Hi there, this might be long but I had to share. So I work for a government department been working there for over 12 years, and in 2015 we got assigned a new supervisor who is a woman, we are from the same home town so it was refreshing to know that I will be reporting to a woman whom I know from home you know, but sadly she quickly changed on all of us, we are only 04 in our sub office so our work is decided like that. To give you context my work revolves around driving around, attending meetings, workshops but mostly attending camps, hosting workshops and community events but mostly just driving around checking and monitoring of projects, which is a lot and takes a lot of time, energy and effort.

So here where the problem started, in 2016 a year after she became my supervisor I lost my brother, which led me into a deep depression, I had to be admitted into a mental institution for over 6 months, by this time we were using paper for leave submissions unlike now it's done electronically, so I submitted my leave and all the Dr's reports and everything that the employer needed, she decided to keep it to herself and instead report be as absent and absconded from work which cost me my salary for many months. 2018 I lost my grandmother and she refused to approve my leave until 2 days before the funeral and also needed me back at work the Monday after the weekend of the burial and when I refused, she marked me absent with no reason which cost me a deduction on my salary as well, and I tried to fight it through the HR but she is sleeping with the right people so I lost the cases I opened against her.

3. I work far from home and have been trying for years to get a transfer to go back and work closer to home because I struggle with depression and anxiety but my transfer has been unsuccessful due to her not signing my documents and I only found out later that she went behind my back and spoke to mangers on the offices where I want to transfer to and badmouthed me which meant I was not welcome in any office which left me stuck with her.

4.2020 during the height of covid I was part of the team that worked to deliver food parcels and all, which meant I work until late and worked on weekends also and we all agreed to work during covid because we would be able to claim over time, but just after submitting my claim to her I got covid and got really sick and by the time I went back to work and enquired why I didn't get paid for my covid over time, I found out that she didn't submit my claims and they have expired so I lost out on a lot of money.

5. 2022 I got married, my office contributed money for me as a gift, and they have it to her because she volunteered to come to my wedding along with other colleagues, she took the money and never gave it to me until today.

6. She made sure that she didn't approve my leave for my wedding only got to home and prepare for my wedding 3 days before my wedding and had to be back at work a week later because she had assigned me to projects at work.

7. I was pregnant last year and had a difficult pregnancy I suffered with HG (hyperemesis gravidarum) which meant I had to be on bed rest and not work hard but she still assigned long trips for me and volunteered my name at work just to keep me busy even though I had sat her down and explained my condition, which ultimately led me to develop pre-eclampsia in the 7th month of my pregnancy and I lost my baby.

8. While I was in labor, getting ready to deliver my baby who was already passed, she called me and demanded work and threatened to report me, I was given 7 weeks off afterwards to recover at home but she needed me back at work in 3 weeks claiming it was just a miscarriage, the office contributed money again as a get well gift for me and again she took it and never gave it to me.

9. Now I'm expecting again and since she found out she's been making life hell for me at work and as I'm typing this I'm getting ready with my resignation letter because I want to be able to take my baby home, I've suffered under her supervision and with all the reports nothing is being done about her, so yeah female managers /supervisors can be hell at time, I'm leaving my job with no plan B just because I'm close to a mental breakdown again because of this woman, sorry for the long text I just had to vent, and this is just a piece there's a lot but yeah. Bye