#IAmASurvivor- Cielo

#IAmASurvivor are stories from women of all walks of life, telling their stories of survival. Everybody is a survivor and all stories deserve to be told. These stories are all in their own words.

The Story of My Survival | One Step At A Time

Sitting in the clinic of my surgeon, waiting for my final diagnosis after my tumor was removed. The room was quiet, his hands clasped in front of him, one thumb rubbing the back of the other's knuckle.

He asked me first if I went to his clinic with a company and I replied to him that I was alone.

He sat in silence for a moment; no other noise covered the ambient, electric buzz of the computer on the desk in front of him, as if nothing to distract me as I waited for the results of my final biopsy.

"You have cancer."

I tried to hold back the tears, to keep myself strong, to smile, as those same words echoed in my mind, "You have cancer," until the first tear slid quietly down my face.

I never would have thought those three little words could carry enough weight to break me.

You Have Cancer

You have cancer.

Those three nagging words that suddenly made my world stops spinning.

It's been 3 years since I found out the bump that had been growing on my skin for 8 months was actually a tumor.

My surgical removal procedure was successful and completed my 35 radiation session's treatment.

When cancer thought it can take everything from me including my life, but cancer was all wrong. It has not taken everything from me. In fact, it made me much stronger and brave to face life obstacles along the way. Perhaps, I can say that cancer is preparing me to be the toughest person I ever knew in my entire life.

Yes, cancer is such a nasty beast. However, I am somehow thankful with it. It may sound hilarious for some readers but cancer brings the most authentic self that I could ever be.

The journey was hard, but the only choice I had was to keep myself stuck and not accepting that I had cancer or move forward with cancer. I chose the last part.

For a survivor, grief is a good start to start moving on. Every cancer warrior's emotion is real and valid, whether it is irrational or not, it is demanded to be felt. Afterwards, we must learn to let go and move forward.

One Step At A Time

I got this phrase from my favorite childhood song with the same title, “One Step at a Time,” sung by a singing songbook, Psalty.

The chorus of this song goes like this:

When something seems too hard to handle Too big to conquer, too far away to touch, When all your dreams begin to shatter, And deep inside you you're hurting, oh, so much, That's when it's time to say I'm climbing my mountain step by step I'm climbing my mountain day by day I'm climbing my mountain all the way I'm climbing my mountain, I'm gonna make it!

Facing cancer is a long and complicated journey - but I face it with courage, one step a time.

Until such time, I reached on a phase and ask myself, “How did I win a victory over this?”