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One Thing After Another

Anonymous Toxic Workplace Stories are real and anonymous workplace stories. Gain unique insights and drama as we share firsthand accounts of toxic and traumatic work experiences. Discover the untold truths from employees who've lived through it all- as told in their own words.

I'm still traumatized by this experience I had when I got my first job.

HR was completely useless at the issues I had, gaslighted me and turned it over onto me.

I was young at the time, took the job for extra cash, didn't think much of it, it was a stepping stone type of job.

I was the youngest in the office but I was able to get promoted to lead my team of all women, wow worst time of my life.

Gossip, backstabbing, betrayals, the works. You'd tell someone something in confidence, HR comes to you to speak about it.

I've never had such a useless manager in my life. Chinese, I could barely understand him, took me months, there would be many issues of miscommunication that you'd be blamed for. It's true what they say, chinese are slave drivers, they even treat their own with utmost contempt. The work in dirty environments teaming with cockroaches. You'd find some in the microwave when you warmed your food. They also talk crap about south africans, their worth ethic ect. This man, was also misogynistic and they'd often say it was because he was traditional and his country, women don't speak up much or whatever. He'd try to force his cultural days, values and even laws into the office.

He was also a cheapskate, he gossiped a lot and would add onto the coworker conflicts. He'd talk shit about you if you left the job, speak bad on your family ect.

I saw this when one of his loyalist employees left for another job, he ignored her, spoke bad about her ect.

He was childish, he'd walk into the office and change things willynilly. Indecisive, defensive, never taking on peoples ideas for improvement or criticism. There was also obviously favouritism, mixed with a bit of racism I felt. Only chinese workers would be trusted with certain responsibilities, because other people are "crooks" as he'd say.

He is also ageist, and would deliberately leave out certain people from meetings.

I used to love this culture so much, wanted to even learn the language, but when I hear a chinese man speak I get uncomfortable. Got forbid they try to say my name, it would bring another rage in me.

Wow, that place brought out the worst in me, I hate them for that I'm still struggling with the memory. They would also exploit foreigners and have a god complex saying that they're helping them, no they're underpaying them and forcing them to work long hours. (Note before this experience I had never spoken to or been around any asian people, where I live, you never see them, not in schools, not in work.)

Tips for getting over workplace trauma in series of videos would be great help.