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Quick Tips to Finding Time to Meditate

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

If there is one thing I hear constantly from people around me is- "I don't have time to meditate!"

Let me start by saying that I too used to think I had next to no time for meditating and feeling calm. Everyone needs me, my job is demanding and I can't think of putting that oxygen mask on myself just yet before I put it on everyone else.

Well I was wrong! What I learnt was that, when I put the oxygen mask on myself first, I can better help, serve and love everyone else around me. When I structured my time to make sure I served myself first with meditation, I found that extra time to help everyone else. And if I couldn't help them today, I would gladly help them tomorrow, but I needed to be the top priority in my life. Which leads me to...

1. The mornings or the evenings

Set your alarm a little earlier. Which could mean sleeping a little earlier if that helps. Take that precious moment when possibly you could have the best alone time to meditate. If it's in the evenings, work it into your routine. Maybe you've finished the day, had a bite to eat, showered , and brushed your teeth. Just before you get into bed, take a moment to meditate. I tell you now, after practicing, you will have even better sleep.

2. Your lunch break

If you can spare the 5-10mins (and a quiet space) just de-stress from the day with a breathing exercise or meditation. It's proven to help with productivity and can help with emotional reactivity at work.

3. Those precious few minutes between work and home.

You wouldn't believe it but, despite the sounds fro the outside, your car can be one of the quietest places. So before you turn on the ignition, just take a moment a few moments to yourself to meditate. Don't feel embarrassed, we've all seen worse- like someone picking their nose in their car!

4. Schedule it

Schedule your meditation session into your phone or create some kind of alert on a device you regularly use. If you set this reminder or alert for everyday on your device, you've taken away the worry of having to even think about trying to remember to make time.

5. Before stress kicks in

When you can feel stress or anxiety starting to rear its ugly head, stop before it takes over. Pause, breathe, meditate and let the moment pass.

6. When you are solo

When you are alone and doing your everyday mundane tasks, take a moment to breathe. I incorporate this into my coaching programs. Being aware of the body's sensations, your breathing and what you are doing.


You know that moment whether you're deciding whether to meditate or not? Yeah, well just do it! By debating whether you should or not, just shows you probably had the extra 5-10 mins to spare to make it happen. So, just make it happen!

Just remember that some days, you may have more time to meditate and others you feel are trying. Be compassionate to yourself! Meditation does not have to be an hour long session! It can be brief and it can be much longer. The pleasure (and not the discipline) of the practice leads to self-awareness and peace.

Join the Facebook group Powerful Body & Mind, for even more tips, resources and a safe space to be mindful right here.

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