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Services Are Now Available!

From the classic Mindfulness (MBSR and MBCT) session; going right through to Chakra Balancing and Healing, Energy Cord Cutting, Oracle and Tarot Card Readings, and the list is still growing! It's been a long time in the making, and now I can finally say that Powerfully Mindful has services to offer and book online, right here!

To say that it has been easy, would be a complete and utter lie!

I started with delving deep into Mindfulness for my own healing to changing up the game and wanting to educate women about Mindfulness and a healthy Mindset. All of my life, I had been interested in all things New Age, Spiritual and Esoteric and then began to see the positive effects this had on people's mindset in general. After coaching programs, an amazing coach and some support, it became infinitely clear what my purpose was. To bring out the best in every women who I had the ability to come across, and who felt called to experiencing change on the same level as I did.

Instead of carrying on, (because I could), let me show you rather. Here are the services available for you to book TODAY!

Free Services

Caring about women has always been my goal, and I know what it feels like to want to do something, get involved, want to book for a coach, a program or seminar that is paid but not sure if you and the coach could actually be the right fit. Or even worse, the coach is great, but the program, seminar, sessions are just not what you wanted.

Let's find out if YOU would to work with ME. Find out if I can provide what it is you need, with a little nugget of advice added in as well in just 30 uninterrupted minutes on Zoom. You my have made up your mind, want to work work with me, and want to see f what I have is what you need. I got you. This session is 100% FREE, and is for YOU.

Classic Services

I studied Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy so I could provide women with proven steps to a better or their personal best mindset and wellbeing. Like I said, I have been positively affected by just being aware of myself, emotions and how to take steps forward.

Since discovering Mindfulness through my former therapist, it has been a constant fallback for me in times when I don't feel in balance, when I need a moment to come back to myself and for the moments when just dealing with people and life seem so difficult.

It was when I discovered mindfulness that even my mother, sister, and best friend noticed how much happier, calmer and in control I became.

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New Age Services

Now for some of the exciting additions to my services page!

What is New Age?

According to Wikipedia, it "is a range of spiritual