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The Lone Senior

Anonymous Toxic Workplace Stories are real and anonymous workplace stories. Gain unique insights and drama as we share firsthand accounts of toxic and traumatic work experiences. Discover the untold truths from employees who've lived through it all- as written by them.

I work as a Senior Admin Officer responsible to coordinate youth and children programmes. My manager was offered a director post in December. Which left me as a senior in our unit and we are only 2 currently with my junior who is a clerk. Her responsibilities are only administrative and I am a professional responsible to advice my institution in terms of the rights of children and to come up with activities to assist my institution for youth development. Our unit is responsible to coordinate 5 pillars namely Youth, Children ,Gender empowerment, Elderly and persons living with disabilities. The unit is supposed to have 4 people including the manager, since the manager left the director approached me to request me to finish all activities which were planned for the financial year which I agreed. Not knowing that I am opening up bullying and victimization in the workplace . I managed to execute the director's request with limited resources and support. When financial year ended all directorate were requested to plan and send their operational plans for approval I was informed to do for my unit. Already I consulted with my union in order to check with them on my rights as an employee since I am supposed to do work that much without any acting letter. They advised me to stick to my job description since there is no anything in writing. Last week the director called me to ask me where is the operational plan for my unit.. luckily he informed me that he asked a Manger from another unit to supervise me and babysit me for my work which he knows nothing about. My answer was u informed me that I have a supervisor therefore it is his responsibility to do it. He asks me how because he doesn't know what I am doing and I am the implementor. I ask him that are you saying I will be doing everything he says I told him straight that I will not do it. The argument was very hitted up to a point he told me that my attitude make him very personal and he denied me to take annual leave and even conived with my junior not to assist me. He even told told me to my face that I should never bother the clerk we are not equal so I have to do everything on my own. I refused to do an annual operational plan since I was told I will have to take responsibility of the whole work. I approached an eye specialist since I needed an eye operation . Currently I am booked off for 2 weeks I left them with evething.

Kindly publish my story. Thank you

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