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The Replacement

Anonymous Toxic Workplace Stories are real and anonymous workplace stories. Gain unique insights and drama as we share firsthand accounts of toxic and traumatic work experiences. Discover the untold truths from employees who've lived through it all- as told in their own words.

I used to work in a junior management position for a fast moving consumer goods company. I oversaw an entire team of 15 people, and despite some of the issues in the company, I loved my job.

I took 3 weeks off to stay in a psychiatric clinic, which was recommended by my therapist. I was going through difficult marital problems and my father had passed away and I just wasn't coping at all. I let my senior manager know and was given the go-ahead to take care of myself.

Two weeks after I got back to work, they brought in a new hire that they told me to train. They told me that this new hire was going to be my assistant and take off the extra load I had for the sake of my mental health and to get procurement running smoother. Little did I know, it was all a lie.

Exactly three months after I trained the new hire, I had a scheduled meeting with senior management, which I thought was just to update them on the progress of the new hire's training. They let me know that although they sympathized with the problems I had in my life, I just didn't seem "fit enough" to do the job. They hired the new person to basically replace me!

They also told me that I had one of three options: that I could willingly resign and they would pay for two months salary and my leave days; go on disability and earn a fraction of the money I was getting from government, or they terminate me for not being able to perform my job. I wasn't even aware that they had any issues with my performance, and the only time I couldn't perform was during my clinic stay.

I felt pressured and didn't know what my rights were at the time, and I decided to resign. and asked if I could do so with immediate effect. They had no problem with me resigning immediately. I went to my office that I shared with the newbie, packed my personal belongings, and left.

Once I got paid all of my money, I blocked all of senior management and the boss on my WhatsApp and social media. I ended up opening up my own little shop at a shopping centre and have been happy ever since. I also treat my employees with compassion and respect.

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