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Why Spell Jars Are Perfect For You and How to Make Them.

Maybe you've thought about adding spell jars into your craft but aren't quite sure if it's something that would work for you. We'll explore a few of the reasons why spell jars could be ideal to add to your craft, and how to make one.

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Image by Powerfully Mindful

Although made more popular through social media, spell bottle or "witch bottles" have been around for centuries and used by all sorts of practitioners and witches around the world. While spell jars can help amplify the energy, not everyone needs to create a spell jar in order to have a successful spell. For instance, my friend's mother once told me all she needed in order to affect someone positively or negatively was a glass of water. She spoke directly into the water, focusing all of her energy and intention into it. She has made others sick, banish them from her life, or fall in love with her. Side note: I never accepted a drink from her again.

But if speaking into water, staring at a flame or meditating your intention isn't your thing- here are a few reasons spell jars may be a perfect option for you.

You love working with your hands

If you like using your hands and creating things like art, food, clothes etc, spell jars (and bags) give you the opportunity to get stuck into your magick physically. Your hands can also hold a great amount of energy and power too.

It gives you something tangible to focus your energy on

Spell jars are a physical representation of your spell work. Telling each herb, spice or item you are adding what it's intended use is, then you can better focus your energy on your spell work - possibly leading to a successful outcome. Especially if you find you get distracted easily.

You like taking your magick around with you

If your bottle is small enough to stash in your handbag or pocket- you've just made your magick portable. Of course you don't have to carry your spell bottle around with you and can just display it somewhere in your home. Some people just prefer to have their magick also be portable- especially if it's for personal protection or to attract people.

Smoke Cleansed Spell Jar. Image by Powerfully Mindful

How do you make a spell jar?

What I would usually put into a spell jar (can have some or all of the below:

  • the jar/ bottle, duh! (and please cleanse it- it doesn't matter if it's with water, smoke, sound, just do it!)

  • herbs/ spices