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Mindful Bells Meditation is a soothing meditation that allows us, with the sound of a bell, to know the beginning or end of something (in particular our breathing and occupied space), bringing our awareness to the present moment.You then stop tobreathe, retore calm and create freedom and restoration in your mindfulness. This is a deceptively easy meditation, with the only requirement of listening to the bell and tuning into yourself (please read info section).

Mindful Bells- 10 Minutes

  • Instead of thinking of the striking of the bell, invite the sound in as a reminder to stay present. After each chime of the bell, make sure to take natural, calming, soothing breaths and let yourself be aware of your breathing, your body and the present moment. 

  • Digital MP3 File

    For private use only for buyer of the track. Copies and/ or distribution are strictly prohibited.

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