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Stories by
the Public

Here is Stories by the Public, where real people share powerful tales of overcoming adversity and shedding light on ongoing struggles. From survivors to those still fighting for justice, our collection offers inspiring and harrowing stories that showcase the human spirit's ability to endure, triumph, and facing hardship. Join us to connect with others and find inspiration in the power of storytelling.

Anonymous Toxic Workplace Stories

Welcome to Anonymous Toxic Workplace Stories, where we vent about terrible bosses and toxic work environments. Join us for laughs, support, and a collective "WTF" moment. Let's create a better workplace culture together.



Welcome to the #IAmASurvivor series, where women from all over the world share their inspiring stories of overcoming adversity. From abuse to trauma, and even illness, these survivors show us what true strength looks like. Join us and be empowered by the resilience of these incredible women.

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