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to Manage Difficult Emotions

FREE Course

This FREE course uses a proven Mindfulness method called R.A.I.N. With this method, you learn to gently and compassionately face and work through the difficult emotions in life, in order to reduce anxiety, depression, overwhelm, increase emotional regulation and finally start finding mental and emotional freedom. 

Think of these questions for a minute...

Do you ever find yourself holding your emotions in for so long, sometimes you just have an outburst or implode?

It feels easier to just block out the tough emotions and "sweep them under the rug?"

Does it feel like it's getting harder and harder to deal with those very same emotions and you find yourself getting angry, frustrated, sad, or overwhelmed easily?

Overall your emotions feel like a mess most days, but your trying to hold it together?

If the word "yes" pops up more than once, you're experiencing emotional dysregulation. Not only are you more prone to acute anxiety, depression and burn out, but this impacts on your relationships, your self-esteem, ability to work and general life expectancy. R.A.I.N lets you start taking control of your emotions, and learn to not only accept them but to ask the critical questions to move through and out of the "funk" you feel. Long-term, you have regulated emotions, self-awareness and acceptance, and better mental and emotional health.

What Do You Get?

This is YOUR time

Not everyone wants to learn how to manage their difficult emotions. It becomes addictive to have the drama of the rollercoaster of emotions. But is it truly worth the added overwhelm, strained relationships, added anxiety and depression? Is it really worth the utter exhaustion you feel on a daily basis? No? Then allow yourself the opportunity to know what mental and emotional freedom looks like.

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