Samancor's Mindful Corner

Hey there Samancor staff member! Thanks for visiting Powerfully Mindful. Sorrel Bolam-Geel (a fellow staff member in legal- yay Sorrel!) reached out to Powerfully Mindful, and we decided to create a few little perks for you all. Exclusive to Samancor staff for a limited time period (expires Dec 31 2021).

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Mindful Bells Meditation

With this FREE 3min meditation, instead of thinking of the striking of the bell, invite the sound in as a reminder to stay present. After each chime of the bell, make sure to take natural, calming, soothing breaths, and allow yourself to be aware of your body and the present moment. 


Download the  Presentation

Want the Mindfulness in the Workplace Presentation Sorrel gave? Just click below!


Exclusive Discount

Use the code SAMANCOR21 to purchase any of the other available mp3 tracks on the website and receive 30% OFF! Discount applies to all the mp3 tracks. Click the link below to go to the shop.