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Oracle Card Reading 30mins

3 Oracle Card pull for guidance on your journey

  • 40 minutes
  • 444 South African rand
  • Online Session

Service Description

Receive guidance from your spirit guides, ancestors and the Oracle cards with this simple but detailed 3 Card pull. We let the pendulum choose (with the influence of your guides) which deck is the most appropriate for your situation, and pull three cards after you have asked your question. The cards, and their meanings will be sent to you via email (after our call) for reference and to remember the guidance you have been given. (Note: We may pick cards from more than one deck and may ask for more cards if we need extra information. This is not guaranteed, and you will NOT be charged more for extra card pulls). We will delve into the meanings of the cards by first looking at the overarching meaning in your situation/ question you are asking, then reading from the guide book for further clarity and piecing together the pieces on an intuitive level. Please note, the following questions will not be asked for various reasons: - Fertility questions (Can/ Will I fall pregnant? Will I be able to carry children?) - Questions about infidelity. - Death questions/ "when will I or someone I know die?" questions. - Mental/ Physical Health related questions. We want clarity and guidance but the above questions could result in pain, false hope, and we all have the ability to change our destiny at any point. By asking such definitive questions, we may be fearful, upset, hurt or create unnecessary crisis in our lives. Let us rather focus on positive messages, positive change and find out the messages that will help you better. [Mental and physical health is taken very seriously by Awande and Powerfully Mindful, and should you need additional help with these particular issues, Awande may advice you see a medical practitioner to guide you on your journey].

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us 24 hours before the booking time . Alternatively email us at hi@powerfullymindful.com

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+27 84 2026661


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